Monday, March 19, 2012

Comic Book Men on AMC

After watching the final episode of the series I figured I write up a quick post. I really enjoyed the show, and I hope they do another season. I've read some of the other reviews online, and I agree that some of this stuff is scripted or staged. The reality of reality tv is that it's not real.

I think it's cool to expose mainstream audiences, casual comic fans, and the newest generation of comic book fans to classics issues from the past. I love seeing the classic books. In the final episode they showed the first appearance of Wolverine and the Death of Gwen Stacey. As a kid, my friend Kirk was a huge Wolverine fan. He owned that first appearance in the Hulk as well as Wolverine #1. It was crazy cool to see "Wall Books" in someones personal collection. The closest thing I ever had to a wall book was Uncanny X-Man # 183 - the issue where Colossus and Juggernaut get into a bar fight. I was going through back issue boxes at Comics Adaptation in Quakertown, PA back in the day (the store is no longer there) and I saw this issue.  I remembered seeing the cover of it in Wizard Magazine as an issue to watch. I think I paid around $7 for it at the time, which was a lot because I only got like 6 bucks a week allowance. The book isn't really anything special anymore, but it was an important book in my collection as a kid. Just like my hologram 30th Anniversary Amazing Spider-man. (They are gonna be worth money some day *wink*)

As a side note, the thing I miss most since my local comic shop stopped carry back issues is the wall books. They haven't carried back issues in 10 plus years, but I miss looking at the ultra rare and important books.   Back to the show...

This blog is about action figures (and comics, cartoons, and anything else connected to action figures)! So over the course of the series they showed off the Lee Majors action figure which was also featured in the first episode of Toy Hunters. They heavily feature Mego figures and a lot other "doll" type action figures. I would have really enjoyed seeing someone bring in a carded GI Joe or He-Man figure from the 80's. Either they aren't old enough to be worth the big bucks, or AMC's target audience for the show is just a little older than myself and so they aimed for more of the 70's figures.

I plan on taking a road trip to The Stash this summer, since it's only an hour from here. I'll be sure to post some pictures from the trip. Maybe I'll buy a Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) action figure while I'm there.

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