Monday, March 5, 2012

Animation Creation Ep3 - Fly Me to the Moon

Again, in anticipation of the online release of Action Figure Adventures, our stop motion animated video project I am plugging an older project of ours. I feel like we were really hitting our stride by the third episode of Animation Creation. Not only did the episode feature animations by Kevin and Derek, but frequent collaborator Brian played an important roll in this episode.

As per usual, I have noted and bolded the portions that feature action figures. I know you (most likely) came to the blog because you are interested in action figures but check out animation 7 & 8 in this episode they are pretty cool even if they don't feature toys.

1) Moguera's Fantastic Journey by Derek
           Japanese Monster Toy
2) Brian's Reservoir Dogs, pt. 2 by Brian
           McFarlane Reservoir Dogs figures
3) Fight+Win=Prize by Kevin
            Star Wars Figures (mostly vintage)
4) A Terrifying Visual Account of Basement Chaos by Derek
            Skeletor (makes a brief appearance)
5) Them tricycles just don't play fair by Derek & Kevin
             They aren't action figures, but they are riding TOYS!
6) Brian's Reservoir Dogs, Part 3 by Brian
            More McFarlane
7) Pencil Animation #1 by Brian, Kevin, Greg, Keith, Megan, Becky, & Derek
8) Somebody Up There Likes You by Derek
9) Robot+Skull Mountain by Derek
            Robotech Model
Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek
with Brian, Greg, Keith, Becky & Megan

            Custom GIJoes like usual

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