Saturday, March 31, 2012

Animation Creation Ep5 - Shadow on the Wall

The 5th installment of our stop motion animated variety show was a strange one. It does feature a lot of action figures though. Probably the longest portion of this episode is an animal skull "teleporting" to music created by us. (Some of the music is kind of cool).

1) Rydeen Cleans House by Derek - Shogun Warrior Robot Figure
2) Smiely by Brian & Derek
3) Beck's Mom's Birthday by Becky
4) WCMU Station IDs by Kevin - 80's & 90's Batman, 90's X-Men, Godzilla Figure, Troll dolls
5) Shades of Progress (the Shadow Animation) by Derek - Shadows of GI Joe & Star Wars toys
(TechnoViper, Alley Viper, Lightfoot, Bazooka, Steamroller, Probe Droid, and the Land Speeder)
6) Crank it UP!!! (music unboxed) by Greg
Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek
with Brian, a letter from Becky, & Greg - Custom GI Joe action figures again

These videos were animated in the early 2000's on cameras that used VHS-C tapes. The Shadow Animation (Shades of Progress) was screened at the Bucks Film Fest in Doylestown PA several year ago.

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