Thursday, March 15, 2012

Animation Creation Ep4 - Too Many Robots

I was hoping to have something else posted by now, but work has been crazy. I haven't had a chance to write anything... even though I have photographed some stuff for a new post.  To fill the void of updates I'm posting another episode of Animation Creation. Again this is a stop motion animated variety show that we did in college. This particular episode ran for like a week straight on Millersville University's cable channel with no other programming. 24/7 of dancing robots. One table of fellow nerds in the cafeteria would often show "We are the robots" when I'd walk in for dinner.

This episode is  the Techno Megamix. During the episode japanese robot figures dance and fight with each along with all sorts of other toys. The Rancor, The Emperor, Imperial Dignitary, Biker Scouts, some droids, and Bespin Guards show up from Star Wars. Fast Draw, Cobra B.A.T. 2.0, and the Firebat vehicle from GI Joe are used. There are also a number of Transformers. Also heavily used towards the end of the episode is an often forgotten line of robot toys, Z-bots.

Derek started animating with the robots. Then one night while Derek and Brian played video games Kevin animated a big segment. Finally Brian did his part. Once it was decided that there would be an entire episode of dancing robots we all went back an shot more stuff.

As usual the episode contains a Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek, this time with C-3P0 & R2-D2. Unlike the other episodes, this commentary is not very informative.

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