Friday, March 23, 2012

Toy Room Preview #1

I bought my house almost two and a half years ago. I'm finally getting around to creating my toy room. I've dreamed about having a nice place to display a big chunk of my collection for a long time. When I lived with my parents most of the collection was packed away in various containers in the basement. I always had access to them, but it was hard to dig the stuff out sometimes. Now in my house I have a few displays set up. Most of the stuff I really want displayed is still packed away in my basement and one of the closets upstairs.. My GI Joes and Star Wars figures are boxed up an really need a lot of room to spread out.

I have selves to go in the toy room that I bought from a Blockbuster Video that was going out of business. I also have plans to build some custom display cases to show off certain items. My plan for the closet, since the toy room was originally an odd shaped bedroom, is to use it to house some of the large GI Joe playsets.

I originally planned to stack them up deepest to shallowest playset to allow for the most lighting to trickle down.. The closet has a light at the top, and I figured each shelf would get a little bit of the light that gets past the front of the shallower shelves.

The closet isn't deep enough to display the Mobile Command Center (tan tank base) completely unfolded. Once the items were on the shelves, I decided it was best to put the Mobile Command Center (MCC) on the top shelf. The MCC when it's folded up offers the least amount of space to display figures. This made me decide tp move it to the top shelf. It seems better to me to switch it and the Tactical Battle Platform (TBP). With the TBP lower it makes it easier to see the figures displayed on it (once they displays are set up). It doesn't hurt the MCC display that the top floor is two hight to really see since it has to be folded up. Also since the TBP is small, its shelf has lot of extra room to display other vehicles. It just seems better to have that on a lower shelf where it will be easier to see.

I have to add solid wood front strips to hide the plywood edge and stiffen the shelves. Then they will get primed and painted. So, anyway this is my first Toy Room Preview.

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