Friday, November 20, 2015

Auto Morphin Power Rangers Red & Blue

I know I previously posted about Auto Morphin Rangers Jason and Billy a while back, but I recently picked up duplicates. The white on their chest get beat up pretty easily and when I found these guys in a dollar bin at a toy show I had to grab them.

I wanted to check to see if they were in better shape that the samples in my collection, but they were pretty much the same. I ended up giving them to my friend's son who recently got into the Power Rangers. The Auto Morphin or Head Flipping Rangers are classic action figures.


  1. I like those! Was a young adult in the heyday of Power Rangers, but I appreciate the extra "toyish" looks of these

    1. Yeah, I was a little too old for the toys, but loved the show. I enjoyed playing Power Rangers with my cousins and they had the entire collection. The action feature is pretty fun.