Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hordak - Vintage MOTU

Hordak, leader of the Evil Horde, was designed to be a new villain for He-Man but landed the role of being the big bad guy for He-Man's sister She-Ra in the cartoon. I had Hordak as a kid and loved him, but I sold off all my original Masters of the Universe toys at one point. Since I started recollecting, I had a Hordak but he was missing the cape.  I saw this one at a toy show cheap so I grabbed him. I am thinking of giving the other a custom Filmation cartoon paint job.

I have his white Horde Crossbow already and thing one came with  his bat/shield accessory. His armor and paint is really clean and in great shape on this particular figure. Happy to finally be able to display a complete figure on my shelf.


  1. I still need to complete mine.Does the cape slip in easily?

  2. Yeah, it just has little arrowhead tabs that slide in one way and don't fall back out easily.

  3. Own this one. Such a classic figurine.