Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Power Arm Terminator - Kenner

Power Arm Terminator is one of the T2 variants of the title character of an R rated movie turned into a toy line for kids. This figure looks a fair amount like Arnold in the second Terminator film. He's got his back leather vest (was a jacket in the film) and grenade ammo belt. This Terminator sports a lot of battle damage on his face and one arm.

 Power Arm Terminator's action feature is that he has a removable arm that can be changed with a couple of other robotic appendages. His "normal" arm features a rod that can be extended from his fist that kind of looks like he's giving us the finger. I can't figure out what the point of this feature was. It reminds me of Robocop's data spike.


  1. I loved this guy as a kid. I need to pick one up someday as he was a great toy. I always thought of the T-800 giving us the finger, too, but usually used it as some sort of spiked weapon he could pop out like a single Wolverine styled claw. The claw arm was weak but the rocket launcher arm was exceptional.

  2. I had the whole set as a young man.

    1. I thought they were cool, but didn't have any as a kid.

  3. This figure was very well-made and has a great likeness to Arnold. A great gift for a Terminator action figure fans. I buy it from Amazon through an online action figure and toys selling online shop in Pakistan.

  4. We finally found this one, very cool!