Thursday, January 7, 2016

Slave-1 - Kenner Star Wars

Boba Fett's ship, Slave-1 has been a item on my toy wishlist for decades. As a kid, my best friend and  I made up all kinds of crazy extended adventures for the characters from Star Wars. Toys like the Rebel Transport or Slave-1 could be a huge part of our fictional Star Wars universe even though they only had moments of screen time in the Trilogy.

On the rate occasion I'd see on for sale as a kid it would either be insanely expensive or a broken shell. So I finally added one to my collection over the summer, and I couldn't be happier about it. It's not a perfect specimen, but the little play wear adds to the authenticity of this great ship.

The ship features rotating wings, movable guns, a loading ramp, a removable panel and a cool tilting drivers seat. There is a handle on the bottom to help hold it on flight position.

My favorite features as a kid was the included Han Solo in Carbonite block accessory. It's really to short (notice Han has no feet) but that's okay.


  1. That's pretty cool.Does Boba Fett fit In the cockpit?

  2. Yes. There is a table (seat) inside with a clip that holds the figure in place. When you clip Boba to the board you can tilt the table back and then he shows up in he cockpit. The canopy does not open. I was going to post a photo of him in there, but they all kind of looked bad because it looks too dark or the flash made a glare on the windshield.

  3. Wow. Jealous! I have slacked off from getting Kenner SW stuff. I gotta get on that again one day.

  4. We own this one too but it is missing the door on the back.