Friday, October 24, 2014

Nimrod - X-Force - ToyBiz

Nimrod was released by ToyBiz in 1995 as part of the X-Force subline of their successful X-Men figure series. Nimrod is the leader of the Sentinels in the Future.

The red robot figure with with black details is a massive hunk of plastic. He has four point of articulation since his head is just a detail on his torso. For an action feature, Nimrod can fire a rocket from his wrist using a spring-loaded mechanism. He is able to store his extra yellow rockets on his wrist as well.I picked this figure up for $5 carded in beat up packaging at my local comic shop a while back.

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  1. Even though he had very limited articulation compared to the rest of this line he is still a very solid figure.I remember this guy hitting the 3 for a buck price mark and buying every single one I could find.