Friday, October 31, 2014

King of the Hill / Ghostbuster T-Shirt

Happy Halloween everybody. I've got to run up the the farm for another night at the Haunted Hay Ride, but wanted to share this cool t-shirt I got from PIPT Apparel not to long ago. It's the guys from King of the Hill as the Ghostbusters. I love Bobbie as Slimer. I wore this to school today as part of my costume. I was a "kid whose too old to trick-or-treat and not really wearing a costume". I wore this shirt, camouflage pants, cat ears, a black knit hat, and carried a plastic jack-o-lantern.


  1. Love this!
    Great Show...Great Movie

  2. Never seen the show but did pop in Ghostbusters last night....Restaurants invaribly will always have cockroaches. It is inevitable. So when the lights go out in Monster Cafe they come out. I like to wait 30 minutes then go and turn the lights on and kill whatever I find. But as always I say..."That's right boys! It's Dr. Venkman"