Friday, October 3, 2014

New Adventures of He-Man @ Retro Con

I'm a big fan of Masters of the Universe, but the New Adventures can't hold a candle to the vintage or 200x toy lines but that doesn't mean I write it off completely. I give Mattel credit for trying to reinvent the brand. I have a handful of loose figures that I picked up at yard sales. I also have a few vehicles form the line with their boxes. At Retro Con I picked up a few carded figures to display as examples of this toy line.

I like these two packs that were put out to help introduce the line. This set includes He-Man and Flogg. The card back isn't perfect but it's still a neat piece.

I also picked up a boxed Sagitar the Galloping Battle Beast. This centaur like alien is one of the coolest figures from the line. I'm tempted to open him up. I might just look for a loose one on ebay so I can leave this one sealed.