Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Doc Brown - BTTF ReAction

The ReAction line of vintage style toys are finally becoming readily available. I bought a whole bunch a few weeks back at the FYE Event, but I didn't get to feature any of them here on Action Figure Adventures yet. This Doctor Emmett Brown figure is based on the scene in the mall parking lot where Doc shows Marty the Time Machine.

 These ReAction figures are made by Funko and Super7. They are done in the old Kenner style, and to save paying likeness rights (just like in the old days) The face sculpts don't really capture the likeness of the actors who played the characters exactly. Doc is dressed in white cover-alls with brown shoes. The main detail that makes it obvious that this is a figure of Doc Brown is his crazy mop of white hair.

Even though the ReAction figures have a limited amount of detailing, there are still some nice touches on this figure. Doc Brown has a cool little tool belt with a wrench sculpted in it.

Doc's one accessory is the remote control he used to drive the Time Machine. This photo doesn't really do the remote justice.  It's a really nice accessory, but it's got a goofy handle sculpted on the back to allow Doc to hold it.


  1. I picked up the 2nd version of Snake Plissin myself from Escape from New York....I like it a lot.

  2. I'm collecting the ReAction figures, too. I just got a big stack of the Universal Monsters figures the other day, I think those might be my favorites, so far. I haven't gotten this Doc Brown figure yet, but I like his head sculpt a lot, even though it doesn't look like Christopher Lloyd. It's got a lot of character.

    1. I haven't seen the Monsters yet.Thanks for leaving a comment.

  3. Me wanty the Monsters, and Alien line premiro.