Thursday, September 11, 2014

Marty McFly - BTTF ReAction

ReAction Marty McFly is on the blog spot today. Marty is pretty generic looking. Of course this orange "life preserver" vest lets you know who he is, but hi head sculpt doesn't look anything like Michael J. Fox.

In addition to his vest, Marty is wearing jeans and white sneakers. His one accessory is a little navy blue skateboard.  I actually broke one set of wheels off my board trying to find out if they spin. THE WHEELS ON THE SKATEBOARD DON'T ROLL!

I was having some fun with Doc, Marty and my Time Machine toy. The scale between the figures and Delorean are close, but not perfect.

This is heavy, Doc!


  1. Although the figures are off, they still brings on the BTTF feel. They may not have gotten the licensing for the actor's "face".

    1. They purposely didn't get the actor's license. Just like in the old days.

  2. Not a fan of BTTF to be honest so I shall pass on these.

  3. They look decent enough for 5 POA figures! Just discovered your blog here.....great one bro!

  4. Eh, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo etc didn't look like them either in the Star Wars line. That is the point of this.