Friday, September 26, 2014

Matty Collector Haul

Hey guys! What an crazy awesome weekend this will be. The Hayride I work at opens up and it's Retro Con weekend! I didn't have time to photography any of the stuff I picked up from MattyCollector yet, but I recorded a quick video. I'm sure I'll post more in-depth reviews later.

30th Annaversary Ghostbusters 2-Packs
30th Anneversary Super Powers Batman. Superman, and Wonder Woman
DC Signature Collection Super Boy
Batman Beyond
MOTU Giants He-Man


  1. Nice haul you got there. Having a Big battle cat will be like WOW....!!! Enjoy. Cheers

  2. Who is the little figure in the Batman pack? Atom?

    1. Micron (he's from the Justice League in the future)

  3. Yo!Everything looks cool but that He-Man figure literally blew me away!Congrats on everything ....Baby Skeletor ;)