Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Banshee - X-Men Generations

Today's post is about Banshee from the X-Men Generations line, but first...I've been a naughty boy this Christmas Season. I haven't been updating Action Figure Adventures like I should. Sorry about that, I know everyone is busy, but I really appreciate my readers and especially all my frequent commenters, many of which I consider to be friends.

Banshee was always an interesting character to me. He was from an era before I read the comic series, but I had a few older issues that featured him. He has a cool screaming ability that can even be used to allow his to fly. In mythology Banshees are girls, so I did think that was kind of funny as a kid. This figure was not the first Banshee figure to be released by Toy Biz, but it is the first one I've ever owned.

 Banshee is dressed in his traditional blue and yellow uniform. His "wings" are actually a cloth accessory that clips to his arms and legs. This figure is from the tail end of the Toy Biz X-Men, and there for has some really nice sculpting. I especially like his boots.

Banshee comes with an interesting accessory, that to me seems like something that should come with Professor X.  It's a silver blaster connected to a Cerebro helmet. I don't remember Banshee ever using an item like this in the comic, but there are a lot of issues I've never seen.

In addition to the the blaster, Banshee also came with a large "X" figure stand. Banshee has the standard 5 POA plus knees for a total of 7 points of articulation.


  1. Cool spotlight on a great character. He's one of the better figures from the Generation X line, and also one of my most sought after from the Toy Biz-era.

    1. Got him on a beat up card for $5 at my local comic shop when they were liquidating a lot of 90's figures.

  2. Banshee Is the shizz!Always a favorite ;)

  3. Did they ever make a figure of his daughter Siren?

  4. I always used to put the Cerebro accessory with Professor X when I had my toybiz collection. I like this banshee's clothe thingie but I prefer the first Banshee toybiz made.