Monday, December 15, 2014

Wonder Woman

I picked up this Wonder Woman figure at my local comic shop when they were running a sale on carded figures in beat up packages. I picked up this figure because despite how important Wonder Woman is to the DC Universe I don't have many figures of her.

This figure has pretty limited articulation, but her sculpt is great. Just check out the detail sculpted into her hair. So much wave and curl. The figure also has extremely toned legs.

Wonder Woman came with a black and silver JLA stand. She also came with a Lasso of Truth accessory.  It can be plugged into a small hole on her hip or held in her hand. The lasso is molded in a solid loop.


  1. I had this one - picked it up at Kay-Bee when the line was on shelves. It's a pretty great Wonder Woman action figure!

  2. Nice! I like the size of the stand relative to the figure - I always find it maddening when the stands are barely large enough for the figure to have anything other than a straight-legged stance, so the huge length of this one is awesome.

    1. Yeah, the stand is well designed for the figure.