Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Flea Market Finds #34

I almost forgot to post these pictures of my most recent flea market finds. I was out last Saturday morning in the cold with my flea marketing buddies. I was so excited with my first find. I picked up a vintage Landspeeder. It's in pretty nice shape, not perfect, but the wear adds character to a clunker like Luke's speeder.

I walked a few more tables down the row and found a farm boy Luke Skywalker with lightsaber! Wow what are the odds. It turns out he's the 1995 re-release of this figure, but he's still cool. I also picked up an Extreme Ghosbuser and a PotF2 Stormtrooper.

Eduardo the Extreme Ghostbuster has a proton pack and trap on his back. No neutrino wand. I'm not really sure what he originally included.

I spent $8 total and I feel like it was a pretty awesome finish to flea marketing in 2014. I may go out once more this year, but I'm not sure. My weekends have been pretty busy lately.


  1. Awesome gets! On my list is the speeder and luke. Wowie!

  2. Excellent and congrats on the finds.

  3. That Landspeeder brings back lots of memories!Great finds buddy ;)