Thursday, April 12, 2012

Animation Creation Ep6 – Life During Wartime

Well, it looks like we got in trouble for using copyrighted music on this one, You Tube disabled the audio.You can see from this episodes banner that it features several action figures.

I may try to re upload the end of the episode this weekend. I did highlight the segments that use toys. Wuzzle Puzzle features a Dragon Ball Z figure and a toy from the Beatles: Yellow Submarine movie. You can watch it without the audio if you's like. It only had music playing over it. It starts at 2:52 if you want to check it out. The main thing I want to show you guys, and the part I will try to repost is Operation: Final Broadcast. This pieces is a long action sequence featuring GI Joe action figures. There is quite a range of characters featured in this portion. Snake-Eyes, Alpine, Quick Kick, Jinx, and others. There is also an army of Cobra Solders, Vipers, Tele-Vipers, and B.A.T.S.  It starts right around 13:00. Unfortunately with the audio disabled you miss out on dialogue and sound effects. I'll probably also repost the commentary because they are fun and feature action figures. In fact this commentary section features Greedo from Star Wars and a bunch of Cobra Troopers out to get Harrison Ford.

1) Last-Minute Filler Animation by Derek & Keith
2) Wuzzle Puzzle by Brian & Kevin
3) Sticks+Stones (and flashlight) by Derek
4) Nucleus Abort! by Greg
5) Outside World by Derek
6) Operation: Final Broadcast by Kevin
Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek
with Greg & Harrison

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