Thursday, April 26, 2012

Voltron – Yellow Lion & Hunk

April brought us the second installment of the Club Lion Subscription. The Yellow Lion and Hunk action figure. We now have one arm and one leg for Voltron. Once again the lion includes a blade weapon that it can hold in it's mouth. The pilot figure, Hunk includes a key that opens the cockpit of the lion and works as a figure stand (but not really... the pin seems to small).

Like the Red Lion, Yellow is an amazing toy. Great articulation, huge size, and some cool features. Yellow Lion also has the same draw backs. The auto transformation feature makes the lion spring from leg mode back to lion. It doesn't snap back to a complete stance, so you have to use your hands to pose the lion anyway. The springs in the legs make it hard to reach some poses. On the upside, I feel like it will be harder to bump the legs of the yellow lion while in leg mode that the legs on the lions that form Voltron's arms. The fear here is that the lions will partially spring back into lion mode while all connected. The size of the Yellow Lion is very impressive. Below is a comparison photo of the Red and Yellow Lions

Hunk, like his lion, is large. I was a little worried that he would share parts with the rest of the pilots, but Mattel took the right route. Hunk is taller and bulkier than Lance.

Hunk comes with both a helmeted and unhelmeted head. They look good and resemble his appearance in the 80's cartoon. The 80's hunk action figure was the only Voltron pilot I owned as a kid. I don't know where he is these days, perhaps my parents' attic. So no comparison shot this time. Just like Lance, the figure looks like he has great articulation, but his range of motion just isn't that great.

All in all, they are both a great buy to a collector who wants to display their figures, more so than play with them. I can't wait to get Voltron. It looks like they used more glue this time, Hunk's helmet isn't going anywhere.

* I had to position the helmet so his face was hidden to make it look like he's holding his helmet.


  1. Where can i find these Voltron figures?They look amazing!

  2. They are from Mattel's Adult Collector lines on Matty