Monday, April 30, 2012

Voltron - Geeky Hockey

Check out this awesome Voltron themed Hockey Jersey! It's beautiful.  This guy named Dave has a blog he post his geeky ideas on. He has so many designs and ideas related to ice hockey that he started a 2nd blog called Dave's Geeky Hockey. He designs various hockey jerseys based on pop culture properties. If the idea goes over well and he finds out that the property owner is not going to hunt him down he creates and custom team order through Rink Gear.

You can order any name or number on the jerseys. I went with "VOLTRON" and #84. The name is pretty obvious, and the number is because the Voltron Cartoon came out in America in 1984.

Usually after the custom team order is place the jerseys are no longer available. It looks like this jersey is actually going to be carried on So, if you missed it, you can still get a hold of it. It has a great embroidered chest logo and smaller embroidered numbers to represent the lions individual numbers. They are much more espensive though Voltron than Dave. He doesn't make any money off of them when he sells jerseys.

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