Friday, April 13, 2012

Operation: Final Broadcast

As I mentioned in my last post... I have reposted the ending of Animation Creation Episode 6. Now if you want to check out my epic GI Joe battle you can with audio. There is also an action figure battle during the commentary that is worth checking out. This animation was a big part of planning Action Figure Adventures as an animated series. It mixed toys with a real world environments made up of objects out of scale to the toys. (The giant slipper and computer) Several of the figures used in this video ended up in Action Figure Adventures. The computer is once again the bag guy base in AFA. As we planned AFA some of the rules changed a little. The figures no longer "shoot" their guns, because they are toys after all.

Some of the GI Joes featured in the video include: Snake-Eyes, Firefly, Hawk, Leatherneck, Beachhead, Chuckles, Jinx, and Footloose. Not all the accessories the guys use are the correct ones for the figures. I'm well aware of that. Sometimes it was because certain equipment was needed, other times it was just that  I like to look of a certain backpack or gun. Sometimes weapons had to be subbed in because I don't own the correct weapons.

Pretty much all the voice actors in this video are heard somewhere in AFA. We did make sure we had a lot more actors for the second show because having characters repeat voices hurt this video a bit.

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