Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sketch Cards

There is a local church youth group that hosts events for teens every Friday and Saturday night. This weekend is Comic Con themed. The youth center was decorated in superhero posters, the coffee table covered in comics, and they were watching the direct to DVD Marvel and DC movies. I did up some sketch cards that they could us as prizes for the trivia games and Marvel vs Capcon tourney. They had some comics and candy for prizes also.

 Batman and Space Ghost

 Domo and Trendy Skeleton

 Flash and Wonder Woman 
(I really need a skin tone sharpie marker)

 Hulk and Wolverine

 Naruto and Spongebob

 Batgirl and Green Lantern

 Spiderman and Cyclops

Mario and Sonic 
(tried to do flesh with an orange marker... looks weird)

My Favorite ones: 
Leonardo and Ironman

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  1. Nice job on those sketch cards.I'm digging the Spidey profile!