Sunday, April 22, 2012

Flea Market Finds #3

Even though it was kind of a rainy day, I headed over the bridge to New Jersey. I wandered around the flea market in a light drizzle. Due to the rain their were not a lot of venders. Kind of lousy day. I picked up a 200X He-Man for $2. Kind of lame since I already have him. I'm not sure if his harness fits on a MOTUC He-Man or not, but I thought maybe it would and then I might make a 200X style He-Man.


  1. A friend of mine sent one of these over to me as a gift and i'm really diggin' it.I have to pick up more of these 200x figures.Nice find even though you already had em' ;)

  2. I bought 200x Orko, He-Man, Panthor, and two funky Skeletors at a yard sale a few years back. Last summer I could have bought a bunch more at a yard sale, but I was still on MOTU hiatus. I bought a bunch of Star Wars stuff at that yard sale.

  3. I must make it a point to visit more yard sales this summer!