Friday, January 30, 2015

80's Children's Books - Thundercats, Star Wars, He-Man

Below you will find some of the coolest Children's Books I owned in the 80's. Thundercats, Star Wars and He-Man are all represented below.

First up is a Find Your Fate (Choose Your Own Adventure) called Thundercats and the Snowmen of Hook Mountain. The cover features a really nice illustration of the Snowman battling Lion-O. I had the Snowman as a kid and always wanted to get an extra Battle Cat from He-Man to paint white for his cat.

For as often at the Thundercats ended up at Hook Mountain you'd think they'd come up with some winter coats or something. Most of the Thundercats barely wear cloths.

Next up we have the Star Wars Return of the Jedi book The Ewoks Join the Fight. This book basically tells a section of the story of RotJ. The Ewoks team up with the Rebles to attack the Shield Generator Bunker. I think it's funny in the inside illustration below that Leia is dressed in her Ewok Village Dress and Hair Style not her Rebel Commando outfit. Didn't they learn anything from Blue Snaggletooth?

Next up we have Master of the Universe: He-Man Smells Troule. I really like the art on the cover. Th art inside is a little more goofy and not as nice.

The final book for this post is Masters of the Universe: New Champions of Eternia. This book has some really awesome art inside. I also like that the front cover features Battle Armor He-Man, who was the first version of the character I owned as a kid.


  1. The artworks of these books are still as amazing. I still own the Masters of the Universe He-Man ladybird books. Simply great collection man. Cheers

  2. That is such a coincidence! I was just looking at a lot on Ebay for these. They even made Sectaurs ones!

  3. These are great Buzz!These books ae something I might want to get into in the near future.

  4. Very cool! Would love to get these for Isaac.