Thursday, January 29, 2015

Apocalypses - Marvel Universe

Apocalypse was a villian I was introduced to early on in my X-Men fandom due to the ToyBiz line. Unfortunately I never owned an issue of the comic he was in so I had a hard time figure the character and sort of just used him as a henchman for Magneto. Eventually I would go on the learn just how powerful he was.

I've been collecting a lot of the X-Men characters from the Marvel Universe line. When Apocalypse came out I snapped him up. Dressed in blue and gray armor this guy has a bulky sculpt. He's pretty intimidating and I like this body type better than the thin as a rail ToyBiz figure from my youth.


  1. You didn't get Apocalypse figure 2 in the Toybiz line. That is my Apocalypse now and forever. I avoided his first issues too from Xfactor. I discovered him just a bit later in the X-cutioner's song. He almost beat the Xmen by himself!

  2. I like the detail In this figure but he's a little too stout imo.I call this the Capcom Apocalypse.