Thursday, January 15, 2015

Laser Batman - Batman Beyond

Laser Batman is one of the wacky variation figures released of Batman in the Batman Beyond line. He's decked out in green, yellow, and silver armor. My favorite detail is the sculpted on flames coming out of the thrusters on the back of his boots.

I got this Batman figure in a lot of late 90's toys my mom picked up for me years ago. He's missing his Hyper Flight Gear and Pulse Missile. Originally he came with clear plastic orange wings that fired  blue missile. These items were lost by the original owner. He's kind of an interesting figure and I've considered painting him black and red to make him look more traditional.


  1. It's ironic how many variant/camo Batmans they made for the Batman Beyond line, as there was never a need for a variant costume in the series (since the costume came with stealth tech.)

  2. Toy companies have never needed a "good" reason for variants.

  3. With the thrusters and armor, does it make him an Ironbat ?
    Would like to see him fully geared. Must be cool.

  4. I would paint him too! I always left the weird figures on the shelf when I saw them in stores. I just didn't buy anything. BUT...if I found the guy down here in the pulgas I would get him and customize.