Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ghostbusters Mini-Trap - (Orange Ghost)

This is one of two ghosts that came in one package labled as mini-traps from the Kenner Real Ghostbusters line of action figures. These little monsters have spring loaded jaws that snap shut if anything touches their tongue. I received the pack of both traps as a kid. At some point in late elementary school or middle school when I was paring down my toy collection I sold the purple monster at a year sale. The orange monster lived in my parents attic in a box of yard sale fodder for years.

This little dude features lots of little legs, two horns, and one eyeball.

Here he is with his jaws locked open, ready to snap shut.

Fright Feature Winston stepped in the trap!


  1. It's like a bear trap....if one was a spooky ghost lol. Great stuff. : )

  2. Oh I use to collect these little critters from Ghostbusters a long time ago.

  3. Awesome! They did some really great designs with equally great play features in that line. Are you holding onto him, or can I convince you to trade? :)

    1. Perhaps, I collect lot of toys (and post about them), but I'm not seriously collecting many of the lines.

  4. I have a lot of 82-86 GI Joe, a few old TMNT, Toy Biz Marvel, Super Powers, Secret Wars - I'd love to swap if you're game

  5. Who do you have for trade from Super Powers or Secret Wars? (