Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sabertooth - Toy Biz

I picked up this Sabertooth figure on clearance at Toys R Us back in the days after the first X-Men movie was out of theaters. He's got some very nicely sculpted details. I love his snarl. Sabbertooth also came with a Police Officer figure for an accessory. The cop's entire body was made of segments held together by a string. The string could be tightend to make him stand up. Then when Sabertooth "hit" him the string would untension and he would flop over. (sorry no picture of the cop).


Sabertooth was the villain in a segment of our show Animation Creation called O Cruel Master! 

The Cop gets punched out at the beginning of a segment of AC called Millersville University Police Department Part II.


  1. I wish Tyler Mane would have had a run in the WWF...

  2. The actor who was playing Sabretooth in that movie is ideally perfect. Though I wished he had some major moments in the 1st X-men movie and should have appeared in the 2nd one.