Friday, February 8, 2013

Bebop - TMNT

In honor of the new TMNT figures that will be showed off this weekend at Toy Fair NY, I'm posting about Bebop. This mutant warthog was the first villain I ever had in my TMNT collection. He was eventually sold off when I parted with my Turtles collection. The photographed figure below was picked up later on at a yard sale. He originally came with a gray trash can lid shield and a gray drill gun.

The figure has lot of fine details sculpted in. I always wondered if the face on the back of his vest was supposed to be a Foot Soldier or  some sort of weird skull. The turtle shell shoulder pads are one of my favorite details. I hope the new classics version is fairly cartoon accurate. The vintage figure was always a good one, but I like the toon appearance as well.


  1. Always loved this one and his buddy Rocksteady.

  2. A must have for any fan of T.M.N.T.

  3. I was a little disappointed at how through the cartoon they became less of a threat. They were always dumb, but they became less savage. The entire show lost it's edge as it went along.