Saturday, February 9, 2013

Leo Prime - Transformers

A few months ago my buddy Action Fig sent me a package that contained several toys. I posted about the package as a whole at the time, but didn't really highlight anything individually. So here is a better look at Leo Prime. This character is part of the Beast Wars and Maximals story lines/factions. I'm not really up on my modern Transformers but apparently this particular mold has been reused a couple of times for multiple different characters. How many robotic lions are there on Cyberton?

He has both a Robot and Lion mode. The figure is pretty cool, although the transformation is not very drastic. You can pretty much image in the lion mode by looking at him in robot form. The figure reminds me a lot of the White Tiger Zord from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.


  1. He really does have a "Power Rangers" feel to him for sure.

  2. The have a deluxe version of Leo Prime that's really cool looking!

    1. I'm sure... they always loose a lot of detail and articulation when there are this scale. Thanks again for this figure!