Saturday, February 23, 2013

Flash v1 & v1.5 - GIJoe '82 & '83

Flash is the original laser soldier for the GI Joe team. He comes with a helmet, visor, backpack, and laser weapon. As with all of the 1982 characters there is both a "straight arm" and "swivel arm" version of the character. The straight arm Flash is on the left in the photo below. The  straight arm figures have one less point of articulation in the arms and a bulkier crotch pieces. I have always found it interesting that when Hasbro retooled the arms they did not make unique  upper arms for Flash. They used the standard long sleeve shoulders tooled for other Joes. Then they applied a red paint app to represent that pad that was sculpted on the original release.

Flash shares his entire uniform with Grand Slam. Snake-Eyes has the same boots. His head sculpt is shared with Hawk, Steeler, and Short-Fuse. Flash never really got a lot of "screen time" in the comic or cartoon show.

I owned many of the '83 figures as a kid, but Flash was not one of them. I picked him up later, after I was a collector.


  1. Oh man the memories you brought back this one. He was my second ever RAH Joe right after Breaker when I was kid.

  2. Thats cool ! I did not know about the arm change, kinda weird ..

  3. this guy was one of my favorite Joes as a kid- the visor was cool, as was the trick plug-in accessory

  4. I never noticed that the upper arms pads were painted and not the same as the straight arm until now! Haha. Gotta look at them more carefully. Flash is a great figure!