Thursday, February 7, 2013

More Retro Sticker!

Here is another glimpse at my childhood sticker collection. Lots of awesome 80's puffy stickers. Today's grouping features many of the properties from the 80's that boys and girls alike enjoyed. In fact, my sister probably has stickers in her collection from the same sheets.

 Two Cabbage Patch Kid boys. The special signifigance here is that I owned two of 
these dolls as a kid. One had brown yarn hair and the other was bald.

 A pair of Care Bears

 This picture shows off a page from my sticker book with several Get-Along Gang stickers and
a number of Cabbage Patch Kids. There is even a Hot Wheels sticker on this page. There will be a future post dedicated to the car stickers.

More Get-Along Gang - Bingo, Braker, Montgomery, and Woolma

Bingo Bet-It-All Beaver was always a favorite of mine. Here is a non-puffy version of him.

 Here's tow Rowlf the Dog from Muppet Babies to wrap up the post.
(one with an one without a piano - the music notes are from the same sticker sheet)


  1. Ah the puffy stickers....such fun!

  2. had some cool Star Wars puffy stickers back in the day! Loved the Muppet Babies show :D

  3. Those sticker are great ! The Muppet Baby ones are great!

  4. Ohhhh! Very cute puffy stickers! My lil princess is very fond of puffy stickers, she has even her sticker collections as well as decals.