Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two Bad - Vintage MOTU

Two Bad always stood out among all the other strange MOTU characters as one of the weirdest to me. He's like a conjoined twin from two different races. Two Bad came with a small yellow shield that could be clipped to either of his writs. There are two different variations of the figure. Pictured below is the "flat" back version. The other figure has a more rounded back. Two Bad's action feature is involved his two arms. They are connected internally, when you pull one back they both open up and when you let go they slam shut in a pounding action.

 I never had Two Bad as a kid, but my cousin Eddy had him and I used to enjoy playing with the toy at his house. I'd love to see a custom version of the vintage figure with more traditional shoulders and arms. I kind of hope when they makes the MOTU Classics version of the character has standard shoulders.


  1. I always thought the MOTU line was a bit weird but this guy was different enough to be cool. I like the fist slamming feature, he made a good monster for my AD&D figures too !

  2. I prefer the 2002 version...then again I prefer the 2002 versions of ALL the Heman line.

  3. I had this one and the 2002 version a while back and they were fun figures too own.

  4. We need more classic MOTU.
    This is one of our goal of this year.