Monday, February 4, 2013

Captain America - Secret Wars

I have previously posted  about other Secret Wars figures, and the line as a whole. Today's post is all about Captain America. He was the first Secret Wars figure I ever owned. You can see he has lots of play wear. The red stripes on his torso are almost completely rubbed off. The 'A' on his forehead is also gone.

Captain America came with a cool lenticular shield in which the image would change depending on how you looked at it. The figure came with several inserts for his shield. My favorite one showed Steve Rodgers and Captain America on it. Due to the stripes in the design it seemed closest to his actual shield.

Pictured bellow are the inserts. The square shaped one came with Dr. Doom.


  1. I had this one back in the day and was my favorite of all the SW figures I had then.

  2. The Secret Wars figures are still some of the best Super Hero sculpts produced !!

  3. These figures were and still are my second favorite line of all time!G.I. Joe is first atop that list.