Friday, August 10, 2012

Cobra IMP - GIJoe

This is a photo from my 6th birthday. My cousin Rick gave me the Cobra IMP. This tank features 3 large missiles that can be taken apart to drop land mines on the battle field. I actually got two IMPs that year for my birthday. We took one back to Toys R Us, but I don't remember what I picked out. The little yellow rings that were supposed to be land mines looked a lot like Cheerios. One time as a kid I was fooling around and had one on the tip of my tongue, I said something to my sister about  eating Cheerios and then accidentally swallowed it. I was so bummed out that my IMP was no longer complete. I made my sister promise she wouldn't tell my mom. I thought I'd be in trouble for swallowing my toy. I was old enough to know not to put that kind of stuff in my mouth.

It's amazing how much things change in 24 years. Obviously all the kids in this photo grew up, but the farm house in the background has been torn down and replaced with a McMansion and all the little pine trees along the driveway are now huge and grown together to the point were you can't see past them.

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