Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fighting Foe Men - MOTUC

The Fighting Foe Men... once again the Masters of the Universe subscription service includes a contriversial 3-pack of figures. The Foe Men are not hated in the same way the Star Sisters were (I still haven't opened my Star Sisters), but they are pretty obscure. These three characters come from art work for MOTU themed model kits from the 80's. The artist depicted all new characters driving the vehicles for the box art rather than using He-Man or Man-at-Arms. All three drivers were partcially obscured in the art giving the toys designers a starting point, but some flexibility.

In the MOTUC story these three were pirates that built great war machines. Then when they were defeated by the He-Man of the North (Vikor), he magically froze them in a glacier. Later Hordak would free them to fight with the Horde during the 2nd Ultimate Battleground. So they just sort of jammed these guys into the mythos.

The Foe Men are full of little bits of tribute and history. The team name, The Fighting Foe Men, was a working title for the Masters of the Universe line. The figures come from the model box art. Their weapons and chest logos are based on their vehicles, and their names are homages to the support staff at the 4-Horseman Design Studio. So not the actual sculpters, but the mold makers and prototype painters.

Ditztroyer is the driver to the Roton. He has my favorite head sculpt of the three.  Ditztroyer wears a hood and long blue cape. He is armed with a giant red Roton blaster rifle and a Roton shaped staff. There is a cool little holster sculpted into his cape to hold the staff.

Each member of the Fighting Foe Men comes with two chest logos. One is based on their vehicle and the other is an Evil Horde Bat Logo. I don't really see these guys as Horde Members, but they look like goofy super heroes with the vehicle logos on their chests. These logos are examples of liberties the designers took with the characters that are mostly obstructed from view on the box art.

My biggest complaint about Ditztroyer , and it is accurate to that model kit box art, is that he has blue skin like the Gars on his arms and face but has human flesh tone for his torso. It's a little less noticeable when he is wearing his Roton logo. I just don't like that very much.

Dawg-O-Tor is based on the classic Talon Fighter. I feel that Dawg-O-Tor would fit in pretty well with the Palace Guard figures since he is mostly wearing green and has some orange details. He is armed with a Talon Fighter shaped shield and a club that looks like a Talon Fighter Laser. Dawg-O-Tor is my favorite figure of the three, but has the worst name.

The driver on the Attack Track box is pretty clearly a man, but to give tribute to the people that work with the Horsemen they needed a girl. Shield Maiden Sherrilyn's helmet and colors are based on the dude from the box, but converted to a female character. She comes with a funky blue double barreled blaster like the guns from the Attack Track. Her shield is one of the tracks from the vehicle and is molded in clear plastic. Her name is a bit cumbersome and I would just call her Shield Maiden (even though that cuts out the tribute part of the name). I wish her visor was see though like Dawg-O-Tor's. I think it would make her look better and give them some unity.

Here is the team with their Horde Logos on ready to go into battle. Now all we need is the Windraider pilot for the old painted MOTU poster. I kind of hope they tie him into this set with his bio. Even though he wasn't from the models he's a vehicle driver created for promotional art.


  1. I stopped buying the MOTU Classic a while back and traded off my little collection of them but seeing these guys and a few other "Odd Ball" characters has me seriously thinking of buying a few of them again. I like these Fighting Foe Men and would be ones I would get first before others.

    1. I've got an extra set of the Foe Men if you ever decide you want them. I bought two Subs this year. I was worried they wouldn't sell enough during the big sub push.

    2. Really? I might be interested in them once I have some extra cash Kevin.

  2. Nice! I passed on the FFM when they posted to the mattycollector market page. I really like the look of these characters, but I just couldn't spend $100.00 on them.

  3. These guys look great!I think i like the obscure characters in the MOTUC line more than i do the regulars.