Thursday, May 2, 2013

Package from the Cosmic Arc

I got back from our school trip to Florida for the Environmental Symposium to find a package on the porch from my good buddy at the Cosmic Arc. What a package it was. The little box was packed full of stuff. There was a ton of stuff in the box. In fact there were more toys in the box than pictured below. After taking the photos I moved the packing material from the box and found a few additonal toys that I missed originally.

What a great mix of action figures and mini-figs. I don't even know what toy lines some of this stuff comes from. I have to do some research. Expect some of these figures to recieve more in-depth post down the road.

Here is a shot of some of the Mini-Figs that came to my collection from the Arc. Lego, Mega-Blocks, Kre-O, and GI Joe Mega Force.

Here is a picture of some really weird toys. The only one I really know anything about is the large red robot in the back. He's my first Spy Monkey Creations toy.

Here we have a Toy-Biz Ninja Wolverine, some plastic cavemen, and a wind-up Hex Bug. The Bug is going to work with me. I have a collection of Hex Bugs at school that the kids play with sometimes if we get done class early. They love the R/C bugs.

The bad guys are getting run down by the heroes in their dune buggy. I got to say thanks once again.

* Not Pictured Robin from the Toy Biz Batman Movie line and more GI Joe Force


  1. Well that is awesome! Good score!

  2. Glad you liked every thing Kevin. : )

  3. Nice!Check out those throwback Wrestling stickers ;)