Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lion King - Happy Meal Toys

Today I'm posting about two 90's happy meal toys that I picked up at yard sales when I was a kid. Mufassa & Scar are both nicely sculpted a painted lion figures. They each feature 5 points of articulation where each leg meets the body and the tail. I used these as "regular" lions in my Lego Land as a kid. They've pretty much been chilling in a shoe box since Lego Land was torn down sometime in 6th grade. The lions are three or four inches long. The Lion King is still one of my favorite Disney movies. I'm not really sure what the other toys were from this promotion.


  1. I used to do the voices for my nephew and sing the songs like the characters.

  2. Remember the days of non-articulated and not so cool Happy Meal toys?

    1. I love that they have some articulation and no action features.

  3. Extremely well made for kids meal toys.