Friday, May 10, 2013

Up Coming Events

School is wrapping up soon and I hope to get back to doing video reviews again this summer. In the mean time I have a few things coming up that I am excited about and they get more exciting as they go.

First up is a multi-family yard sale a block away from my house tomorrow. I'm hoping someone will be unloading their kids old toys. It would be awesome to find a load of 80's toys.

The second event is a trip to Pittsburgh for a work conference at the end of next week. I'm excited that I'll be able to visit the Toonseum again. I have some more animation cels to donate to them.

The third and most exciting event is Wizard World Philly. I'm looking forward to another exciting year at the Philadelphia Comic Con. I hope to pick up a few toys again. I also plan to get autographs from some comic artist I enjoy. Mike Zeck who designed the black Spider-Man outfit will be there.  Mike also penciled many classic GI Joe comic covers. I also want to get Barry Kitson to sign the original art from Legends of the Dark Knight that I own.

 Ray Parks who played Darth Maul in Star Wars and Snake-Eyes in GI Joe will be there. I'm considering getting his autograph. Should I get a signed photo from my wall of Star Wars autographs or should I have him sign an action figure package?

Jason David Frank, the original Green Power Ranger will also be there. I'd like to meet him as well I think.


  1. Awesome! Wish I could go to that sale with you Kevin I think we would have a blast together between fight over GI Joes lol. I would get Ray to sign a action figure for you I think that would be neat.

    1. Yeah, It would be fun to yard sale with a fellow collector. We wouldn't fight over the figures... just the accessories. I have all the 82-94 GI Joes.

    2. Oops...I posted to soon. "Vintage Collection" Darth Maul or GI Joe ROC? I have both of them carded.

    3. I think GI Joe ROC would be neat.

  2. I love autographs...But ones I find on Google. I print them out here in Mexico and hang them up in my cafe. To me it is as good as the real thing.