Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Moon - Stop Motion Science

I previously posted stop motion animated videos made for my science class, and today's post is an all new video. During the third marking period we were studying Astronomy, and spend considerable time learning about the moon. The first video in the series, Thinking like a Scientist, was created by myself and presented to the kids as a surprise. The second video, Scientific Inquiry, was written by two students. They added additional characters but planned for less cut-away scenes. The third video about the Moon was an entire class effort and they wanted to add lots of characters this time. I tried to steer them back towards the cut-away scenes because I think they help make it more interesting.

The Mad Scientist from Robot Chicken returns along with the chick from the X-Files as Miss Pip. Dr. Badvides from Hasbro's COPS 'n' Crooks toy line joins the scientific community as Dr. Aussie. The kids wanted him to be Australian, but after "Good Day Mate" my young voice actor just sort of copied Miss Pip's British accent. The kids wanted to add Igor the Hunchback to the video and so I bought the Hunchback action figure from Kenner's Ghostbusters toy line off ebay. They also wanted to add a villain and so one of my students who collects action figures with his Dad brought in MODOK.

Of all the student voice actors in the video I think the kid who played Igor did a really nice job. I was also impressed with the way the kid who played MODOK was able to change his voice at the end. I did not add any effects to it or speed it up.

I set up a separate youtube channel for my school videos, some of the kids were subscribing to my main channel and I try to keep a little separation between work and my personal life.

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