Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Toy Hunters - C2E2

Well I was watching Toy Hunters tonight, hoping to see my buddy Pixel Dan on the episode. After C2E2 Dan showed off his toy haul from the convention and mentioned buy a pair of carded Rock Lord figures from Jordan at the show.

The Rock Lords made it into the opening portion of the show, but Pixel Dan actually buying them didn't survive editing. I guess they needed room for more shots of Jordan worrying that he wasn't going to make enough money.

Jordan's big ticket item at the Chicago based convention was a sealed GI Joe Aircraft Carrier. I had to laugh when he said "who owns two?" to the guy he bought it from. The original owner had one loose Flagg and one sealed. I own two. Both of mine are loose... and I'd love to sell off the one... but I own two!

It was a decent episode, but sort of more of the same. They did show off a Droids Boba Fett figure and a rare Battle Star Galactica toy. I wonder how many episodes of a show you can do in this style before you don't really have anything that interesting to show.

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  1. I think they need to focus bit more on the toys themselves and the people that are buying/selling and less on Jordan. I mean it's fun watching him and his buddy Steve rummage about but you can only go so far with it.