Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Haunter - Filmation Ghostbusters

I think I might have been the only kid in America that really liked both versions of the Ghostbusters cartoons. The Real Ghostbusters which were based on the famous movie are awesome and I still love that movie today. The Filmation Ghostbusters  were a weird spin-off of an old back and white tv show were less popular, but I thought they were fun. I liked to play with all the toys together. What's a few extra Busters around the Firehouse? I also liked the idea of having a main villain with Prime-Evil to command the ghost army. If they had made a toy of the Boogie-Man or Samhain from the Real Ghostbusters toon then they would have had a real arch enemy toy.

Haunter (an obvious pun on hunter) is a ghostly safari man. He has light purple skin and wears a typical safari suit complete with pith helmet. The figure features 5-points of articulation and came with no accessories. He certainly wasn't my favorite Ghost from the line, but I do like these figures and would love to finish collecting the line.


  1. This show came after my time. Never watched it.

  2. You weren't the only one that liked both shows! I love me some Filmation Ghostbusters! Mysteria is my favorite character. The whole history of those two shows and all the drama is reason enough for people to like both, but both shows also had a really great cast of characters and toy lines. Glad you have Haunter!

    1. I have previously posted about Scared Stiff

      I also have The Three Ghostbusters and Prime Evil.

  3. Jealous! I want to start collecting these figures because I actually loved the Filmation version of the Ghostbusters. It was a really fun show with some great characters.