Thursday, June 6, 2013

Grubby - Teddy Ruxpin

Grubby the Octopede is Teddy Ruxpin's best friend. This figure is a little 3.5" treasure from 1986. He is articulated a the neck, arms, and each of his legs. Grubby is the only toy from this series I ever owned. As a kid i enjoyed the live action Teddy Ruxpin show as well as the cartoon. At one point in time, when I was a  kid, I made a platform that fit on his back out of toothpicks and two bent nails that allowed Lego figures to ride on his bac.


  1. I forgot that they made figures in this scale for this series very cool Kevin.

  2. I loved Teddy Ruxpin so much as a kid. But then, that should be sort of obvious, heh.

    I had the large anamatronic Grubby, as well as this figure.