Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jawas - Vintage Star Wars

The Jawas were one of my favorite aliens from the original Star Wars film. When I saw the figure I had to have a bunch. I'm young enough that I missed them in stores. Like my entire vintage collection, all my Jawas were bought second hand. I didn't even know they came with capes as a kid.

Based on the way they are sculpted the Jawa figure doesn't need a vinyl or cloth cape. Originally, and for only a short time, the Jawas came with vinyl capes like Darth Vader came with. Then they were quickly switched over to the cloth cape that hid their cool details.

In addition to the capes the Jawa also came with a unique blaster. Many figures from the vintage Star Wars line shared guns. But the Jawas in the movie had those cool guns that they used to zap R2-D2.

As a kid, to help bolster the ranks of my Jawas I would use the robe as a figure. The robe is stiff enough that it can stand on it's own. The Jawas have a great scene in the 2nd episode of Action Figure Adventures. If you haven't checked out my stop motion animated show before you might get a kick out of this clip.


  1. Love the Jawas too. I recently did a Tshirt transfer with them.

  2. The Jawas were fun little figures that I remember owning a few on and off as a kid. Mine never had robes however and I don't know why now lol.

  3. These were classic little figures back then!I loved the smaller SW figures like Yoda,R2,Ewoks and Jawas.

  4. Jawas were great - one of my favorite action figure back in the day! I heard they added the cloth cape to add 'value' to the toy, since he was so tiny.