Sunday, June 23, 2013

Duke & Storm Shadow - GI Joe 3" Blind Box

The Loyal Subjects, a toy design group that specializes in Vinyl Art Toys, has released a series of 3" GI Joe figures. These little guys come blind boxed and include a nice selection of accessories. These figures have bodies similar to Mighty Muggs, but have sculpted head. When I was at my LCBS recently they had a fresh case and I bought two blind boxes.

Duke is based on his v1 figure. He comes with a green backpack and a dark gray rifle.

 Storm Shadow is based on his v1 figure as well. He is armed with a
sheath backpack, long sword, and short sword.


  1. These are cool! What other figures are there? And what is the price point on them?

  2. Whoops never mind on the figures I what the video you made on them and I would love to get a Cobra Commander and Destro but I still am curious on there price point. : )

  3. These look great!