Saturday, June 22, 2013

Red Hood - DC Signature Collection

This months Club Infinite Earth figure from Matty Collector is Red Hood. This Batman villain/hero is a cool character and turned out to be a great figure. This isn't my favorite  Red Hood costume, but the toy still looks excellent.

I love the glossy red paint on his helmet and his chest emblem is very striking. Red Hood comes with duel red pistols. I wish both of his hands were sculpted with separate trigger fingers. He holds the gun so much better with the one hand.

I'm glad that a few of the characters in the DC Subscription are from the Bat-Family. I mostly only collect DC figures connected to Batman. I have some of the other major heroes, but I'm not real into a lot of the 3rd tier DC characters from the other books.


  1. I have never seen this costume before. Which Red Hood is this? It's not the Joker I would imagine but perhaps Jason Todd? Or someone new?

  2. This is Jason Todd when he tries to put Batman out of business by talking care of crime with more lethal force. He had a Robin like side kick called Scarlet.

    1. Ah ok it was Todd then very cool and I didn't know he had a side kick too.