Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wizard World Comic-Con Philly 2013

Yesterday after picking up that awesome load of Star Wars toys my buddy Greg and I headed out to Wizard World. I didn't buy a whole lot this year, but I'll be posting my toy purchases soon. My number one goal this year was to get my original Legends of the Dark Knight art work signed by artist Barry Kitson. I forgot to take a picture of Barry signing the pages.

As with any Con there were plenty of cool costumes...

Man-Bat (You can't really tell in this photo, but the guy is on stilts)

Lego Batman

A little girl dressed as Dr. Who and her little brother dressed as K-9
This is a picture of myself with Ray Parks (Darth Maul from Star Wars, Toad in X-Men, and Snake-Eyes in GI Joe) after he signed my GI Joe: Rise of Cobra Snake-Eyes figure.


  1. Awesome! I bet you had a fantastic time Kevin and you went with the Snake Eyes figure excellent. : )

  2. That ManBat costume is so frickin epic!

  3. Great idea to get that figure auto'd!It must have felt great to know that you were standing next to "Snake Eyes"!Awesome:)

  4. I dig the idea to grt the figure signed! I was there too! Had him sign a Darth Maul 8x10. Check out my blog. I posted some pics from the show and my haul of autos. There's a toy show in jersey this weekend. Richland I believe. I'm hitting that up Saturday.

    That man bat is bad ass!