Sunday, June 30, 2013

Flea Market Finds #13

Luckily the rain held off this morning and I was able to hit up one of my favorite flea markets. I bought one figure for $2. Then while looking at some figures in a box a dealer offered me the box for $20. I wasn't interested in everything is the box, but it still worked out to be a pretty good deal. It worked out to be $1 a piece on the figures plus lots of accessories buried in the bottom of the box.

First up are two Kenner Predator figures. One comes from the Alien vs Predator 2-Pack and the other is known as Scavage Predator. My buddy Derek had both of these figures growing up. They both came with their masks. The regular Predator has his gun but is missing his bladed weapon. Scavage Predator has his staff, missile launcher and one of his missiles.

As a kid I really enjoyed the Kenner Aliens toy line. Again my buddy Derek had almost all of them. I've been planning on doing a stop motion animation using some of the Aliens toys in the future. The toys that drew my attention to this box were the Aliens. The Killer Crab Alien with both of his chest missiles and the Flying Queen Alien.

I've been wanting to get one (or more) of the Warrior Alien from the Alien vs Predator 2-Pack for a long time. I also got the Face Hugger Queen and Atax with some of his Alien Armor.

The box lot contained several super hero figures. The Rocketeer is a large rubbery figure. Strife from Toy-Biz X-Force line with is mask. A Punisher figure with a wonky foot. Three different Batman figures and a Quick Change Bruce Wayne with chest armor and Cowl/Cape. I'm not sure if the Spawn figure actually goes to that cape, but it displays nicely. I also bought individually (as previously mentioned) and Iceman figure. He's my favorite X-Men character. Oddly he has a snow ball molded into one hand and an ice chuck in the other.

The box also contained Rattlor from MOTU and a couple of TMNT figures. I'm excited to have another Foot Soldier. I don't collect "variant" Turtles and I already have Casey Jones. I did play with that Astronaut Raphael in the swimming pool a lot as a kid.

 I didn't look at the accessories in the bottom of the box to much before buying the lot. I just sort of crossed my fingers that I would find some good stuff. I was super excited to find Bullit's Ammo Belt and Gun from the Cops 'n' Crooks line. I've been working on building up that collection so I can post about them on AFA. I was also very excited to find a vintage Star Wars weapon. As a kid I never had many original weapons because all my Star Wars figures came from yard sales. I still get excited when I find them.

I found quite a few accessories from 90's 12" GI Joe figures. There is a mask for Snake-Eyes and Red Ninja Gear. Destro's Dagger and several other items are there. I don't own any of these figures, but I do see them from time to time. Now that I have some parts to them maybe I'll pick one up.

I do have a 12" Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow that came in a two pack called Ninja Showdown in the early 2000's.

Below are all the remaining weapons and parts. Some of them I know, and others I need some help identifying. Please comment on this post if you know some of them. I'll update the post as I find out what things go to. Feel free to let me know if you need any of them. If it's not something I need for my collection I'd be happy to part with it.

Row 1Row 2Row 3

Back Pack for Tomahawk Swamp Thing  
Anchor ?Club?
Gun & Axe for Panda Kong TMNT    Night Stick ?   Sheath for Samurai Leo TMNT
Sword and Hook Leonardo TMNT Multi Barrel Gun ?     TMNT Bomb?
Bow & Arrow for Splinter TMNTBig Gun ?Rifle for General Traag TMNT
Bo Staff for Donatello TMNTFugitoid from TMNTSwords Classic Rocker Leo TMNT
Brown Gun ?Fugitoid from TMNTGuitar Classic Rocker Leo TMNT
Gold Mace ?Fugitoid from TMNT   Yellow Snakes?
Slash from TMNT
Orange Pistol ?Yellow Axes?

Shedder Claws?Yellow Gun?

Yellow Gun (from vehicle)?

Row 1Row 2Row 3
Belt - cheap plastic ?Snap Up Swamp ThingCombat Belt Batman Weapon
Boot - cheap plastic ?Micro Machines Endor Log   Black Hair or Wig ?
Super Shredder - TMNT
Tan Weapon ?     Double Barreled Gun?
Silver Gun ?Bio Viper Gun GI JoeArrow ?
Dodger GI Joe Gun Knock-Off ?    Sci Fi Gun ?
Silver Missile ? Gun from Robo Cop's Car
Knife pointing up ? Automatic weapon ?
Knife pointing down ? Tommy Gun ?
GI Joe 12"  SWAT Assault
Gun Stalker v3 GI Joe


  1. Replies
    1. I know that it is a Spawn Cape, but I'm not sure if it goes to that exact Spawn figure. It doesn't really attach to him.

  2. Cool random grabs Kevin and I dig the Quick Change Batman. Not for sure on all of those weapons I will have to do some studying on them.

  3. That particular line of Spawn had some troublesome capes Buzz.I have the medieval Spawn from that line and his cape comes off everytime i start posing him.It really does display nicely though.Great haul btw ;)

  4. The Maroon Mace in pic 1 goes to Slash from TMNT.

  5. The red Techno Staff , Little Gun, and Techno Gun go to Fugitoid from TMNT

  6. Picture 2, row 1, that is the mace for Super Shredder I believe. The googles look like they go to Blackout from the 12" G.I.Joe line. . If not, it's probably a piece from a classic mission pack.

    1. Thanks! After looking a Blackout I didn't think it was a match. Then I remember there was gear to dress a figure up like Lowlight... and sure enough.

  7. Wow! Amazing finds! We're jealous!