Monday, July 1, 2013

Gambit w/ Light-Up Weapons - Toy-Biz

This Gambit figure comes from the X-Men Classics line by Toy Biz. Each figure in this line featured light up weapons. As a kid I had the original Gambit figure with the crappy plastic coat and sculpted on collar. When I saw this figure I just felt like he blew the other figure away. He was originally released in 1996. Gambit came with a silver staff and a magenta light up energy effect with some playing cards embedded in it. I bought this figure at a yard sale years after I have sold off most of my X-Men figures. He just looked so cool. He's buff and his coat looks great. This is the way Gambit looked in the comics.

When I bought this Gambit he didn't come with any of his actual accessories. I gave him this piece of a boom box antenna to use as his staff. Gambit was one of two X-Men figures I picked out to be used in Action Figure Adventures: the Series. My buddy Derek who wrote the script for all 8 episodes isn't a huge X-Men fan and I feel that they weren't used to their full potential in the show. Gambit is involved with a pretty funny escape plan. Check out his scene in AFA here.


  1. Awesome looking version Gambit much better than the Toy Biz original release.

  2. Yes he was much better. The other had that annoying leg kickup thing.

    1. oh man, I forgot that was his bad action feature. It would randomly happen sometimes and he'd just fall over.